hey you... yes you
you're beautiful. just thought you should know that
never be afraid to be who you are
if you can't believe in yourself, let me believe in you enough for the both of us. have an amazing day <3

I am absolutely in love with Ella Henderson’s voice. If you haven’t heard her album ‘Chapter One’, please do. The songs are gorgeous, as is her voice. She is possibly now my favourite current female artist, rivaled only by Taylor Swift.

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I guess that’s just how you two show your l o v e.

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Hey guys! I made this blog a few months ago mainly so that I’d stop clogging up my main blog with TVD things, but over time I’ve posted less of anything there and waaay more here haha. I’ve recently just hit 100 followers, which I know isn’t much, but still reason enough to celebrate because…

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Who was Damon Salvatore?

He was my boyfriend. I loved him, and he died.

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Actual 5 year old Damon in his Camaro requested by stanningdamonsalvatore

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Elena in a bikini appreciation post

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If there is one thing I am absolutely loving about season 6 of TVD so far, it’s how brutally honest it’s being. It’s a sci-fi/fantasy show, so it primarily shows the supernatural, things we wouldn’t find it the real world. What it does really well - I’d even go as far to say better than the supernatural elements the show okays with - is capturing those moments even amongst the crazy supernatural world that translate so well to real life.

Elena’s coping methods for dealing with Damon and Bonnie’s deaths, Caroline trying to keep the group together and coming close to despair when she realises her efforts aren’t being reciprocated, Stefan isolating himself from everything and everyone he knows, Tyler coming to terms with his new/old identity and struggling to keep his anger in check… these are all issues we can relate to on some level. These are all elements of grief everyone goes through in some shape or form. These are coping methods found in real life, and not always associated with grief. 

The show has always taken risks, and not all of them have paid off, so it’s really lovely to see the show is trimming down on the risks it’s taking, and going back to basics almost. We have all these characters going through all these emotional crises, and they’re finding new ways to cope. This is so reminiscent of the earlier seasons that it genuinely makes me fall in love with the show all over again. Personally, I love it when the “big bad” isn’t the focus of the season. I know every season has to have a villain, but sometimes if the focus is too much on the villain, or the next big challenge to our heroes, we can sometimes forget why we fell in love with the show and these characters in the first place. 

I’m eternally thankful that - so far - the season is shaping up to revolve around the charactes, like it always should’ve done. I think season 4 focused too much on elements like the cure and Silas, to the point where when they were both revealed, it lost its impact really, and season 5 was a little bit hit and miss based on how much they tried to cram in in one season alone. 

I’m never one to say if a season is fully good or fully bad, because as far as I’m concerned there’s never been a terrible season of this show. Terrible moments maybe, and terrible writing, but never a full season where everything is just unwatchable. I do however think the show has lapsed a little, in terms of quality, since maybe 4, although there were some terrific moments in that season and some powerful performances, but it looks like the show is getting back on track, and if it is the final season I am thrilled that it at least seems to be closing on a good note.

These are my thoughts anyway, but let’s hope the rest of the season unfolds just as beautifully as the first two episodes.

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Each day is a struggle. 

That’s putting it mildly. Waking up in the middle of the night, cold as ice, shaking wildly, she’s never felt this kind of grief before. The kind that consumes you. 

(Like his love did).

The first time she falls on Luke’s door, she’s wild eyed and desperate. Clawing at his shirt, she begs him to take away the pain, flinging accusatory words she doesn’t really mean in order to guilt him to give her a means of stopping the pain. 

She doesn’t really think the consequences through. 

The first time she sees Damon again, her heart blooms into life. Dawn breaks in the crevices of her frozen soul, thawing the hurt out, providing relief which allows her to breathe again. His cocky smile is exactly how she remembers it: crooked, like his morals, but playful. His eyes are still that ever reaching blue, simultaneously cold and warm, eyes which she could find anywhere. 

She doesn’t question the fact he couldn’t possibly be here right now; she falls into his arms and cries into his shirt.

Every spare moment she gets, she slips into this fantasy that he is right here. It feels too real not to be, which is why she never questions the miracle she’s been given. She fills him in on her days, filling the silences with words which, really, go nowhere. He doesn’t really hear them. He never will.

She kisses his lips hard, so hard sometimes her fangs burst through and pierce his lips. The blood tastes real, although afterwards she’ll find patches of red on her own lips and realises it wasn’t his lips she’d pierced.

Ignorance, however, is one of those states you only bring upon yourself to deny yourself the hard truth. She sinks into it like her feet would sink into the sand with the rise and fall of the tide, and is just as swept away by it like a current she no longer wishes to fight against. 

The truth is, reality is no longer the picture she wants to be a part of. If she has to cling to dreams and hallucinations to see the love of her life again, so be it. 

Anything is better than the alternative. 

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